Music Studio Marketing

Music Studio Marketing is about presentation. From the way you present yourself and your skills, to the "look and feel" of your studio. Marketing is about style; yours and the style of your clientele.
First consider your personal presentation; how you dress, how you live, the vehicle you drive. These aspects of your style say who you are, where your interests lie, and sometimes even suggest how much education you have. First impressions are critical; you may only have one chance to "sell your services".
If you dress like a Punk, the Country and Western artist may not trust that you can produce music in that genre. If you live in a mansion, most artists will fear that they cannot afford you. And, if you drive a beat up old sedan, nobody will believe that you can afford the components that make up a quality recording studio.
Long before you open your studio, you need to establish your credentials. Obviously, your personal presentation speaks volumes, but beyond that, 'what, when, where, how and why (you say it)' are also important. Credibility is not only about 'what you know', it is also about 'who you know' and 'who knows you'.
Credibility is also about your hobbies, experience and education. What is unique about you, and what is your niche in this business? How do you make that work for you? Whether it is a lifetime in the industry, a career as a musician, or a degree in Audio Engineering, you need to get the word out!
Whether you are "old school analog", state-of-the-art digital, or a combination of the above, it is important to have a clear vision of what services you can offer.
What equipment do you have that is "beyond ordinary"? Do you have a collection of vintage ribbon mics, or do you have an enormous collection of digital plugins? Again-you need to get the word out!
How do you get the word out? Besides the 'what, when, where, how and why (you say it)', it is also important to pay attention to the small details. Starting with your letterhead, business cards and brochures, you need to establish a theme and a style. Every time you hand out a card, hand out fliers, or deliver a brochure, you are getting the word out!
Keep in mind your theme and style when you are setting up your website. Then carry the theme through all of your internet activity; social marketing, blogging, article marketing, etc.
The "look and feel" of the studio needs to echo this theme and style. If you are going for old school rock and roll, you want a rich tapestry of velvets and ornate elements. If you are going for state-of-the-art modern, you may want to incorporate an Asian influence and sleek art pieces.
Music studio marketing is about presenting a complete package. So if you want to appeal to the music community at-large, it is best to present a "middle of the road" package. We're not talking boring, instead think 'classic'; rich color, classic style artwork, and easy-on-the-eyes design.